Sam Aprea

Boston, MA

Animator, Editor, Fine Artist, & Light Designer

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I am a designer, an illustrator, a musician, and an animator that focuses on the consumer and the consumed society through visual and sonic creations.
The bridges between these practices begin with my experience as a lighting designer. This has led to opportunities with film lighting as well as operating and arranging light equipment to be used for live musical events. My experience goes beyond the operation of standard and professional lighting equipment. I also wire and operate DIY lighting consoles for many basement shows. By experimenting with different lighting patterns and hanging arrangements, I receive an immediate response from the consumer, who in most cases is young adults in the greater Boston area.

My attraction to producing shows like these is largely an influence on my practice as the drummer for the Boston band, Midriffs. Having played shows throughout Boston and the East Coast, we have driven and invested great amounts to be given the opportunity to play for an ignorant audience. Our music, when performed, generates sonic energy and transforms a stagnant audience into what feels like a playful “pit.” In this way, the response from these consumers allows us to determine which songs get the best reactions and which ones we can improve. This practice also includes recording live footage and studio run-throughs with artists of all interests.

This band has also become its own medium for my visual work. It acts not only as an outlet for my musical ability but also for my ability as an illustrator and animator. Such work includes printing designs on to shirts, PR, animating, and directing music videos. My style of animation is also closely related to my timing and kinetic motion as a self-taught drummer

As an animator, I prefer to learn from consumer idolized animation that has been created in the past, always taking a mysterious turn in dark and humorous directions. Specifically, I have explored stop motion, wet/dry, and digital mediums, as well as collaborating with designers and sound artists. This type of work often contains abstract and character-based narratives that directly integrate the idea of overconsumption. Other footage I create to assist in mesmerizing projections and installations. My methods have allowed me to create spaces that allow for much interpretation but most importantly transports the viewer into an environment over-consumed by color, sound, and a single source of light.

I have documented such installations in ways that convey a similar experience, often times; including a character that metaphorically represents the artist as they feed the consumer. Such experimental narratives in combination with all these practices make for mysterious films that also brings into question the limits of live action film, sound, and animation existing in a single work of art.